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Betting Dork: College Football Free Picks Thursday

It don't cost you nothin'.  Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell and Forum stalwart Sam Clayton tag team for yet another free play bonanza in college football as Host Gill Alexander fields both JR's take on Baylor v Texas and Sam's angles in a 3-pack of Big Ten matchups.  It's all on Thursday's Betting Dork (October 28, 2010).

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Betting Dork: World Series Preview

Forum Contributor Basewinner and Host Gill Alexander take an extensive and in-depth look into the 2010 World Series, breaking down all angles, including each game with its scheduled starters and the series as a whole.  What you hear is sure to surprise, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (October 27, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The Week 8 NFL Guessing Lines Show


They're ba-aaack.  Pregame Pro Mike Hook and Host Gill Alexander take their educated stabs at the upcoming weekend's NFL lines in an effort to uncover inherent betting value.  Indeed, the exercise reveals just that.  Play along on Tuesday's Betting Dork (October 26, 2010).


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Betting Dork: The Debate over Selective Memory on NFL Bets

Host Gill Alexander and GM of Picks Marco D'Angleo engage in their typically spirited Monday Morning discussion with no shortage of feistiness this time around, as Gill takes Marco to task on the way he recalls the alleged facts in Sunday's Redskins v Bears game.  Plus, both take aim at the hypocrisy in NFL rules, and Marco sheds initial light on a handicapping angle to watch moving forward.  All with a Monday Night Football preview to boot, on Monday's Betting Dork (October 25, 2010). 

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Betting Dork: College Football, Lesnar v Velasquez UFC 121 free picks

Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell and Big 10 specialist Sam Clayton join Host Gill Alexander for their weekly bevy of free college football plays, as they bookend free UFC 121 plays from Pregame Forum member Unassail, on Thursday's Betting Dork (October 21, 2010).

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Betting Dork: ALCS Game 5 and NLCS Game 4 Sabermetrics Plays

Host Gill Alexander and Forum Contributor Basewinner go mini-pod on us in an effort to get this discussion out and heard before first pitch from the Bronx this afternoon.  The two discuss the advanced stats-driven over in Game 4 of the ALCS last night and how the rest of the Championship Series shakes out for the clubs who find themselves with their backs against the wall.  Plus, of course, Basewinner's plays of the day.  Rangers, Yankees, Phillies, and Giants, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (October 20, 2010)

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Betting Dork: The Week 7 NFL Guessing Lines Show

It's the only way to start your week capping the NFL.  Pregame Pro Mike Hook and under-the-weather Host Gill Alexander deduce what each believes the line ought to be for all 14 NFL games this coming weekend and then compare it to the actual lines that neither has seen before this moment.  As always, the goal: to discover inherent value in specific lines, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (October 19, 2010).  

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Betting Dork: Time to Officially Endorse NFL Teasers?

It's the NFL weekend in review w Pregame GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander.  Both reflect on the games gone by and follow up on the results of matchups discussed on podcasts last week.  And, has the time finally come to officially endorse teasers when betting the NFL?  Plus, Basewinner drops in to talk Game 3 of both the ALCS and NLCS, on Monday's Betting Dork (October 18, 2010).

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Betting Dork: NFL Week Six TiSB/BD Special


A combined "Today in Sports Betting", "Betting Dork", “This Week in Sports Betting” preview of Week Six NFL betting, with Pregame Pros Gill Alexander, Mike Hook, and Marco D'Angelo.   In Dan Bebe’s absence, Gill, Mike, and Marco break down the NFL WEEK SIX slate, including Titans v Jaguars, Colts v Redskins, Browns v Steelers, Seahawks v Bears, Jets v Broncos, Ravens v Patriots, Chargers v Rams, and Cowboys v Vikings, and theoretical handicapping strategies based on  SITUATION, STATISTICS, and NFL LINE MOVE EXPLORATION. (October 15, 2010)


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Betting Dork: College Football Free Picks and Insights

It's a first on the College Football Free Play Show w Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell and Forum mainstay Sam Clayton.  Both mine the landscape of Division 1 football and, among other things, land on the same game.  Host Gill Alexander plays devil's advocate when possible, on Thursday's Betting Dork (October 14, 2010).

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