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Betting Dork: The Week 13 NFL Guessing Lines Show


Straight from the hospital, Pregame Pro Mike Hook leaves his wife's bedside for the sole purpose of guessing Week 13 NFL lines with Host Gill Alexander.  Dedication.  Reliability.  Integrity.  The peculiar urge to handicap even though life's most important events could happen at any moment.  It’s all on Tuesday's Betting Dork (November 30, 2010). 


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Betting Dork: Undervalued and Overvalued NFL Teams after Week 12

Pregame Pro Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander review an amazing College Football Friday, along with their standard NFL Week in review.  Before discussing tonight's Monday night matchup, both seek to determine which NFL teams will be the most over- and undervalued headed into Week 13, on Monday's Betting Dork (November 29, 2010).

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Betting Dork: College Basketball and Big Ten College Football Free Picks


Call it the Pregame Forum pre-Thanksgiving mash-up show w Host Gill Alexander.  College basketball guru, Brent Brooks, up +17.30 units on the young season, stops by to discuss the best and worst of college hoops and everything in between.  Kansas State, Gonzaga, Butler, Tennessee, Marist, and Idaho are just some of the teams touched upon.  Then after some free picks, it's off to Big Ten country for Sam Clayton's final regular season college football plays, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (November 24, 2010).


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Betting Dork: The Week 12 NFL Guessing Lines Show

The wait is over.  Pregame Pro Mike Hook and Host Gill Alexander fire away at this week's NFL lines in an effort to uncover inherent betting value.  As always, you're invited to play along in what should be everyone's preliminary exercise in handicapping the NFL slate, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (November 23, 2010).

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Betting Dork: College Football Rivalry Week Manifesto

Sure, Pregame GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander review Sunday's NFL action in depth and preview tonight's Monday Night Football game between the Broncos and Chargers.  But, as important if not moreso, both take the time to emphasize the colossal betting opportunity and angles that await us this coming week in College Football's Rivalry Week, on Monday's Betting Dork (November 22, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Big Ten Focused College Football Free Picks

It's everything you need to know about betting key Big Ten matchups this Saturday, with Pregame Forum Guest Sam Clayton and Host Gill Alexander.  Penn State v Indiana, Illinois v Northwestern at Wrigley Field, and Ohio State v Iowa are all fleshed out with betting angles that you can't afford to miss, on Thursday's Betting Dork (November 18, 2010).

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Betting Dork: College Basketball Free Picks Wednesday

If you haven't checked him out in his daily thread on the Pregame Forum, you may be leaving money on the table.  Forum guest Brebro, he of the 13-5 start to the college basketball season, stops by to weigh in on yesterday's action while serving up 3 plays for tonight.  Who says nothing in life's for free?  It's all college hoops on Wednesday's Betting Dork (November 17, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The Week 11 NFL Guessing Lines Show

It's that time.  Everyone's favorite Tuesday interactive weekly ritual is back as Host Gill Alexander and Pregame Pro Mike Hook dive into Week 11 lines, taking stabs at the numbers in an effort to unearth value.  It's all packed into one show, along with Gill's post-mortem on the Eagles beatdown of the Redskins.  As always, you're invited to play along, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (November 16, 2010).  

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Betting Dork: The NFL Team perhaps soon to be a Handicapping Dream


It's the NFL Week In Review Show as Pregame Pro Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander discuss it all, from situational handicapping, to the games that humbled each on Sunday, to key points moving forward about the Vikings, Giants, Steelers, Patriots, and more.  Plus, Monday Night Football food for thought, on Monday's Betting Dork (November 15, 2010).


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Betting Dork: SEC and Big Ten College Football Free Picks

It's Thursday and that means but one thing on the Betting Dork --- free plays in college football with Host Gill Alexander.  Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell checks in with an SEC freebie while Pregame Forum mainstay Sam Clayton drops by from Big Ten country to provide nothing but Saturday picks.  As always, there's no charge to the betting public, on Thursday's Betting Dork (November 11, 2010).

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