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Betting Dork: 2012-2013 College Football Bowl Season Handicapping Special Part 1 with Reese Waters of ESPNU's "UNITE" & Dave Essler

One of the pod's favorites, Reese Waters of ESPNU's "UNITE", checks in with Host Gill Alexander and weighs in on living the dream in Bristol while serving up his best bets this time of year.  Then, the fundamental tenets of capping at this time of year are outlined as Gill and Pregame Pro Dave Essler apply their weekly NFL handicapping approach toward uncovering any inherent betting edge in spreads they can find in the 2012-13 College Football Bowl Season. With 35 games in all, Part 1 tackles matchups from December 15th to December 29th.  It's a a bonafide annual tradition, on Friday's Betting Dork (December 14, 2012).

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