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Betting Dork: 2013 NFL MegaPod Week 11 Preview

Creator of The Power Rank ( which seeks to enlighten through sports analytics and its accompanying visualization, Ed Feng now adds Grantland, Sports Illustrated, and Advanced NFL Stats to his resume of work.  Now, he can include the MegaPod.  Ed joins Host Gill Alexander and Pregame pros Marco D'Angelo and Vegas Runner on the weekly panel to break down the NFL board, including the New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers at NY Giants, Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals, and more.  And it wouldn't be the MegaPod without isolating the big favorite most likely to lose outright and the game(s) you shouldn't be betting at all, on Friday's Betitng Dork (November 15, 2013).

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