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Betting Dork: Joe Peta, Part 2, Author, "Trading Bases, A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball*", with 2012 MLB Team Totals

Author of the forthcoming book, "Trading Bases, A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball* (*) Not necessarily in that order", Joe Peta drops back in on Host Gill Alexander for the second straight week to discuss the value of isolating non-repeatable occurrences in handicapping, why bullpens are not as predictive as other facets of baseball, and the impact of MLB scheduling.  Plus, what started as a trickle of 2012 MLB team total thoughts last week turns into a torrential downpour, as fresh off their discussion of the Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Royals in Part 1, Joe and Gill analyze the prospects of the Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and Arizona Diamondbacks, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (April 3, 2012).

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