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Betting Dork: New Jersey Sports Betting and Billy Walters w David Purdum of Linemakers.Sporting News, Baseball Betting 101 w Basewinner

The biggest story in the industry these days is New Jersey's fight to have sports betting legalized.  The biggest, most successful sports bettor in the United States is Billy Walters.  Only David Purdum of the Linemakers at SportingNews continues to cover both, on top of Governor Chris Christie's fight to have sports betting legalized in his state, and with exclusive access to Mr. Walters himself.  David drops in on Host Gill Alexander as the two try to put New Jersey's fight in perspective.  Plus, what does Billy Walters have to say about Ashton Kutcher's claim that he fronted a large betting syndicate?  How did Walters fare on the Super Bowl?  And why doesn't Walters bet baseball?  Then, in their annual ritual, Gill and sabermetrician Basewinner outline why betting baseball ought to be king, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (February 20, 2013). 

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