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Betting Dork: The 2013 NCAA Bracketology Special with Ed Feng of The Power Rank, Reese Waters of ESPNU's "Unite", Vegas Runner, and Dave Essler

No show on television or on-line breaks down the madness quite like this.  Ed Feng of handles the advanced analytics, Reese Waters of ESPNU's "Unite" handles the not so advanced analytics, while Pregame Pros Vegas Runner and Dave Essler dissect all 32 second round 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament matchups from an ATS standpoint, while Host Gill Alexander provides game theory you should consider for your office pools and advanced stats that will help you gain an edge.  What are the 4 characteristics that all National Champions have shared since 2000, and what 6 teams in this year's field possess them?  It's our annual March Madness edition on Wednesday's Betting Dork (March 20, 2013).

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