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Betting Dork: Regional College Football Free Picks


It has become our Thursday habit.  Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell reports in from Philly while Forum staple Sam Clayton checks in from Chicago in the heart of Big 10 country.  Both join Host Gill Alexander to provide free college football plays direct from their regions of expertise, on Thursday's Betting Dork (September 30, 2010).


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Betting Dork: MLB Late Season Betting Angles and Free Picks

Forum Guest Basewinner emerges from the sabermetrics laboratory to offer up his 4 advanced statistics-driven plays of the day in MLB.  Plus, he and Host Gill Alexander bat around quirky betting angles in the late stages of the 2010 season, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (September 29, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The Week 4 NFL Guessing Lines Show

Pregame Pro Mike Hook and Host Gill Alexander convene for their weekly kneejerk reactions to NFL matchups and what the betting lines ought to be.  The resulting process pinpoints value.  Feel free to play along at home with Tuesday's Betting Dork (September 28, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Biggest Betting Themes of NFL and College Football GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander devote their weekly chat to a review of the football weekend, while highlighting the single biggest headlines governing handicapping in the early going of both the NFL and College Football seasons.  Plus, for good measure, the two discuss MLB and the Packers and Bears on MNF, on Monday's Betting Dork (September 27, 2010).  

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NFL Week Three Combined-TiSB/BD Special, Part One

A combined "Today in Sports Betting" and "Betting Dork" preview of Week Three NFL betting, with Pregame Pros Dan Bebe, Mike Hook, Gill Alexander, and Marco D'Angelo.  Dan, Mike, Gill and Marco break down the NFL WEEK THREE card, including the biggest games of the week, and theoretical handicapping strategies like TEAM CHEMISTRY, INJURED SUPERSTARS, and the continuation of NFL LINE MOVE EXPLORATION. (September 24, 2010)

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Betting Dork: College Football Free Picks Thursday

Let's do it again.  Last week, Pregame Pro JR O'Donnell and Forum mainstay Sam Clayton stopped through with Host Gill Alexander and tag-teamed on a 6-pack of College Football picks that resulted in big winners.  Today, they look to attain the same results with another free picks bonanza, on Thursday's Betting Dork (September 23, 2010).

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Betting Dork: MLB Free Picks GeekFest

In his one MLB-heavy show of the week, Host Gill Alexander welcomes sabermetrics whiz Basewinner in for their typically deep look into the numbers, as the two seek a gambling edge on Wednesday's Betting Dork (September 22, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The Week 3 NFL Guessing Lines Show

It's Show #100 for the Betting Dork, Gill Alexander, and he celebrates by welcoming Pregame Pro Mike Hook for their weekly stab at trying to pinpoint what Week 3 NFL lines ought to be.  The goal, as always:  to uncover intrinsic value embedded in the actual lines, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (September 21, 2010)

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Betting Dork: Gambling Theory Debated, MNF Preview GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo stops by for his weekly NFL review with Host Gill Alexander.  What results is a feisty and fascinating debate on gambling theory, specifically related to yesterday's Cowboys v Bears game.  Plus, it's your Monday Night Football Saints v 49ers preview, on Monday's Betting Dork (September 20, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The Vegas Runner NFC Futures Play Exclusive

It's the show you've been waiting for.  Vegas Runner returns to his weekly chat w Host Gill Alexander and serves up his long-awaited NFC Futures Play of 2010.  And it does not disappoint.  Plus, VR offers up free college football insights and plays for this weekend, on Friday's Betting Dork (September 17, 2010)

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Betting Dork: College Football Free Picks 6-Pack

Pregame Pro J.R. O'Donnell and Forum Guest Sam Clayton visit Host Gill Alexander and lend their insights on a total of 6 college football tilts this weekend, with J.R. focusing on both an off-the-radar and SEC matchup, while Sam goes Big 10 heavy, concentrating on 4 games that involve a team from that conference.  It's all on Thursday's Betting Dork (September 16, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Best Remaining MLB Futures Play

Basewinner jois Host Gill Alexander to serve up his 4 sabermetrics-driven plays of the day on the MLB slate.  Plus, Gill offers up his best MLB futures play on the board, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (September 15, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The NFL Week 2 Guessing Lines Show

Pregame Pro Mike Hook and Host Gill Alexander give their visceral reactions to what they believe the lines will be for all 16 NFL matchups in Week 2.  Here's what they learned, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (September 14, 2010). 

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Betting Dork: Week 2 NFL Betting Angle, MNF Thoughts, and The Weekend Review

Get used to this on Mondays.  GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander review the key stories in the NFL and College Football (and MLB) both from a fan's and betting standpoint.  Then, the two discuss tonight's NFL doubleheader and a concept you should keep your eye out for when approaching Week 2 NFL lines, on Monday's Betting Dork (September 13, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Free College Football Picks, NFL Lines Talk w Mike Hook

Mike Hook steps in for VR and joins Host Gill Alexander to offer up his thoughts on certain college football games on Saturday that you should stay away from, as well as a few that you should definitely play.  Plus, the two weigh in on each and every NFL line for Sunday and Monday.  Want to be as sharp as possible heading into this weekend's football slate?  This is the place to be.  It's Friday's Betting Dork (September 10, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Big 10 Week 2 College Football Preview, Vikings v Saints, MLB

Pregame Forum stalwart Sam Clayton joins Host Gill Alexander to break down 4 college football matchups involving Big 10 teams on Saturday.  Plus, the two dig deep into tonight's NFL opener between the Vikings and Saints, along w an MLB bonus at the outset, on Thursday's Betting Dork (September 9, 2010).

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Betting Dork: 2010 NFL Team Win Totals Value

Pregame GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo and Host Gill Alexander dig deep on the 7 NFL teams that Marco has pinpointed as having the most beatable win totals lines.  And, it's all preceded by an extensive review of the first weekend of College Football, including last night's Boise State v Va Tech instant classic, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (September 7, 2010).

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Betting Dork: The 2010-11 BCS and NFL Futures Special w Mike Hook

All-sport guru Mike Hook joins Host Gill Alexander to delve deep into the best values on the board when considering BCS and Super Bowl title futures bets.  Plus, Mike offers up 2 free plays on Saturday's schedule in College Football, on Friday's Betting Dork (September 3, 2010).

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Betting Dork: Best and Worst College Football Offensive Lines

As a follow-up to Monday's college football handicapping approach with Marco D'Angelo, host Gill Alexander dives into the notion of offensive line cohesiveness and gives his Top 10 college football offensive lines heading into the 2010 season, and cites examples of some of the worst units, as well.  Plus, the biggest college football line movements for Week 1.

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Betting Dork: Extracting Pennant Race Betting Value

Forum Guest Basewinner joins Host Gill Alexander and offers up PECOTA-based percentages on clubs' chances to make the postseason and whether there's betting value in specific future plays.  Plus, Basewinner's 4 advanced stats-based MLB plays of the day, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (September 1, 2010).

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