Betting Dork with Gill Alexander
Gambling experts from discuss the biggest sports betting news each weekday, with an emphasis on advanced Sabermetric stats - plus big game analysis, free picks, and Las Vegas betting stories - hosted by Gill Alexander.
Betting Dork: NBA Conference Semifinals with Marc Spears/Yahoo!, MLB Stats

It's a podcast for both basketball and baseball bettors alike, as Yahoo! Sports NBA expert Marc Spears takes his usual guest spot with Host Gill Alexander and gives his thoughts on the upcoming NBA Playoff Round 2 series, with an additional inside revelation as to what Pau Gasol admitted to him about the Lakers v Hornets Round 1 series.  Plus, on the heels of his 5-0 MLB ATS performance last Friday, Basewinner is back with 5 more free picks in baseball, but not before he and Gill review the top MLB money line (with home/road splits) clubs, run line clubs, and starting pitchers from a betting perspective, thus far in 2011.  It's all on Friday's Betting Dork (April 29, 2011).

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Betting Dork: Jeffrey Ma, Author, “The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business”

Host Gill Alexander welcomes legendary MIT blackjack team member and the inspiration for the main characters depicted in “Bringing Down the House” and “21”, Jeffrey Ma, to the show, resulting in a fascinating discussion on all that Ma has been up to in the years since, and the insights culled along the way.  From dispelling blackjack’s biggest fallacy to his takes on Malcolm Gladwell, sports markets, and sports betting, Ma weaves compelling stories to illustrate his points.  It’s an instant classic, on Thursday's Betting Dork (April 28, 2011).

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Betting Dork: The Sports Betting Market Expertise of Vegas Runner

Wiseguy Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander are back at it again, interpreting tweets and talking Value Top 10.  Through it all, if you're not careful, you might just learn something.  Among the nuggets uncovered: how understanding the market can take you off a losing bet (despite initial temptation), what inside information should inform a key UFC 129 play for you on Saturday, what the most exploitable NFL Draft Props are at and Bodog, and which of VR's undervalued NBA squads are still getting no respect from square bettors.  Plus, a slew of MLB total plays, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (April 27, 2011).

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Betting Dork: MLB, UFC 129 Free Picks Onslaught

Have at it, bettors.  Out of the lab just long enough to offer up capsules for each and every MLB game on the schedule, Basewinner joins Host Gill Alexander for their indispensable Friday baseball betting board breakdown.  Whether confirming your lean, countering your lean, taking you off of a game, or just making you think twice, one shouldn't place a MLB wager tonight without taking advantage of this eavesdropping opportunity.  Plus, Aaron, or Unassail from the Pregame Forums, stops by a week in advance to give his UFC 129 thoughts.  6 Free plays in MLB, and a few more in UFC, all on Friday's Betting Dork (April 22, 2011).

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Betting Dork: Betting Concepts Free Flow with Vegas Runner

Every Wednesday, Pregame Pro Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander get together without any preconceived notion of what they're going to talk about, and seemingly every week, betting gems are revealed.  Today, in addition to delving into VR's Value Top 10 and interpreting tweets about what bettors' expectations shouldn't include when purchasing line services, the exchange highlights the unique enhanced value of cross-sport parlays this time of year and the math behind why laying big money shouldn't always scare one away, including on a game tonight.  Free NHL, MLB, and NBA picks are included, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (April 20, 2011).

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Betting Dork: NHL Betting 101

In the first-ever Betting Dork show dedicated exclusively to hockey, Host Gill Alexander welcomes Pregame Pro Denver Money and Pregame blogger Brandon Watson, hosts of their own NHL-focused podcast, to discuss their betting approach on the ice.  With the NHL Playoffs in full swing but with plenty of hockey still to go, there's plenty of money to be had this spring away from the diamond and hard court.  How does NHL handicapping specifically tweak for the postseason?  Does line movement matter?  Does Power Play efficiency factor in?  Which teams and goaltenders have what it takes to advance the furthest?  What current advanced statistic might evolve into a highly predictive metric?  All of those questions and more are answered on Tuesday's Betting Dork (April 19, 2011).

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Betting Dork: NBA Playoff Projections from Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports

In an NBA/MLB tag team podcast, it's nothing but a plethora of picks as Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports checks in from the airport on his way to Oklahoma City and offers up his NBA Playoff picks, and advanced statistics numbers cruncher Basewinner comes out of the lab just long enough to give us his baseball analysis for today's entire slate.  Host Gill Alexander soaks it all in, on Friday's Betting Dork (April 15, 2011).  

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Betting Dork: Point Shaving, MLB Offensive Efficiency, Reluctant NBA Lines

NCAA Basketball, NBA, MLB, and NHL.  It's all on this one.  Pregame Pro Vegas Runner drops the knowledge on Host Gill Alexander from a Vegas Strip perspective on the USD point shaving scandal, then segues into his formula for calculating MLB offensive efficiency.  Plus, VR talks about what to expect from NBA lines today, and even includes an NHL Playoff series lean and MLB free pick to boot, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (April 13, 2011).

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Betting Dork: Andrew Garrood, Executive Director, Las Vegas Sports Consultants/Cantor Gaming

In a wide-ranging exchange, Las Vegas Sports Consultants Executive Director and lead developer of the Midas Algorithm, Andrew Garrood, joins Host Gill Alexander to discuss a number of sports betting industry issues.  From financial market parallels, to the current state and future of in-running wagering, to the greater context of what the M hopes to accomplish in welcoming wiseguy action, what's revealed is an exciting snapshot of where the sports betting landscape is headed, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (April 12, 2011).

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Betting Dork: MLB Expert Free Picks

Baseball handicappers STL Sharp, Dave Essler and Basewinner discuss Washington Nationals at NY Mets, St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants, Florida Marlins at Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays at LA Angels, and Cleveland Indians at Seattle Mariners with Host Gill Alexander, on an MLB Free Play Bonanza, on Friday's Betting Dork (April 8, 2011)

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Betting Dork: Vegas Runner's NL Futures Play of the Year

Pregame Pro Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander discuss two key sports betting concepts, defining the sharp bettor and flat v tiered unit betting.  Then, from the man who gave us the Packers and Steelers as two of his futures bets before the NFL season, VR unloads his MLB National League Futures Play of the Year, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (April 6, 2011).

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Betting Dork: The Masters with Mike Hook

It's the first major of 2011 and perhaps the most beatable.  Host Gill Alexander welcomes Pregame Pro and golf guru Mike Hook to map out a buffet-size smorgasbord of plays for The Masters.  From a trio of solid plays to win it all, to sleepers, to Top 5 and Top 10 picks, to head-to-head cherry-picked selections, all the way to the most exploitable props, this is about as indispensable a listen as it gets for bettors looking to cash in at Augusta, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (April 5, 2011). 

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Betting Dork: Chad Millman, ESPN The Magazine, Behind The Bets Podcast/Blog,

You may know him best from his "Behind The Bets" podcast or blog on, but Chad Millman takes some time off to chat with Host Gill Alexander about what still amazes him about wiseguys after all these years and what still leaves him skeptical.  Plus, does he feel more drawn to old school research handicapping methods or to the more statistically driven approach?  Then, Gill dives into additional MLB wagering fundamentals, including what could be considered the Holy Grail of all sports betting, on Monday's Betting Dork (April 4, 2011).

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