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Betting Dork: Do NFL Lines Get Tighter as the Season Progresses?, MLB Betting Stats

NFL betting lines get tighter as the season rolls on into its later months, right?  Well, not so fast, says Vegas Runner who joins Host Gill Alexander for their regular Wednesday chatfest.  And VR has come with numbers to support his position.  Plus, VR serves up a free MLB pick for tonight, free plays in the final week of the NFL Preseason, and a few freebies in College Football.  Then, it's sabermetrician Basewinner's turn.  He and Gill delve into their final MLB betting stats segment of 2011 with a look at the best money line (home/road splits) and run line clubs in baseball, the best and worst money starters, the most reliable over and under umpires, the best starters in terms of baserunners allowed per 9IP, and the best and worst clubs and starters during the 1st inning this season.  It's all topped off with literally a handful of underdog MLB plays tonight from Basewinner.  Sit back and enjoy Wednesday's Betting Dork (August 31, 2011).

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Betting Dork: Dr. Bob, Dr. Bob Sports

There is no one that statistical handicappers hold in higher esteem than the renowned San Francisco-based Dr. Bob.  Judging by the length of this show, you can certainly count Host Gill Alexander among them.  Dr. Bob (Bob Stoll) joins Gill to examine his math-driven approach to capping college football, including the two-pronged nature of his situational/technical analysis and mathematical model.  Included in their chat: when might it make more sense for each approach, situational or mathematical, to take precedence over the other, and what type of situational analysis that cappers often cite as predictive actually never works. Then, it's a full-fledged 2011 College Football Preview, with Dr. Bob citing specific teams that will be better or worse than public perception would have you believe in the coming season.  Plus, which member(s) of the national media might be the most consistently wrong when it comes to college football analysis, and an opening week lean or two, to boot.  It's all on a can't-miss Betting Dork (August 30, 2011).

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Betting Dork: The Astros Phenomenon and other Line Move Case Studies

Spurred on by an "Interpreting the Tweets" segment that sheds light on the different causes of line movement in 2 preseason NFL games, Wiseguy Vegas Runner joins Host Gill Alexander and expounds upon the "Astros Phenomenon", providing even more food for thought on what you may need to consider when trying to decipher line moves on your own.  Plus, Basewinner serves up his MLB play of the night amidst other random baseball ruminations, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (August 24, 2011).

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Betting Dork: 2011 NFL Team Win Totals Part Deux, Fantasy Football Advanced Metrics Sleepers

Last week, they each named their three favorite NFL team win total plays for the coming season.  This week, Wiseguy Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander continue that exercise by naming more best bets in the category and find that they isolate the same three additional teams, but disagree on which side to take on one of them.  Plus, VR offers up his two favorite NFL Preseason plays of the week.  Then, before Basewinner gets a chance to deliver his four MLB plays of the day. Gill comes through with his annual sabermetrics-inspired Fantasy Football segment and takes a look at the NFL advanced metrics of Yards per Route Run and % of TD carries inside the 10 with an eye toward uncovering 2011 Fantasy Draft sleepers.

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Betting Dork: Dave Mason, Sportsbook Brand Manager,

Host Gill Alexander once again dips into the offshore well and welcomes the very open and generous BetOnline Sportsbook Brand Manager Dave Mason for a wide-ranging discussion centered on the perspective of the book itself.  How does BetOnline handle sharp bettors?  What sport have bettors taken advantage of and, as a result, given this particular shop the most fits in 2011?  The answer may very well surprise you.  What is March Madness 3-way betting?  What MLB and NFL teams create the most exposure for BetOnline?  What are the three components at play in setting their lines?  All of this and so much more on Thursday's Betting Dork (August 11, 2011).

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Betting Dork: 2011 College Football and NFL Team Win Totals

And now, football really is finally here.  Wiseguy Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander chat it up on what VR plans to do all the way live from the sportsbook floors in Vegas this fall, then segue into an extensive discussion on more than a dozen teams in both college football and the NFL and why each believes those selected will go over or under their win total number for the 2011 season.  Plus, which NFL preseason lines look the juiciest this week, beginning Thursday night.  And it wouldn't be complete without Basewinner's free MLB picks.  It's all on Wednesday's Betting Dork (August 10, 2011).

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Betting Dork: The Shift from Offshore to Vegas, Cappers Roundtable

Wiseguy Vegas Runner checks in with Host Gill Alexander to discuss how bettors and syndicates are reacting to offshore book closures, and why it's a good thing.  Plus, the two discuss why all line movement is not created equally, what to keep in mind when considering the notion of returning starters when capping College Football win totals, and why Tito Ortiz and a certain MLB club find themselves on VR's overvalued list this week.  Then, Pregame Pros Dave Essler, GoodFella, and Dwayne Bryant discuss the upcoming NFL preseason and regular season, and offer up MLB leans on tonight's board, with Basewinner in the anchor position with his sabermetrics-inspired MLB plays of the day.  It's all on Wednesday's Betting Dork (August 3, 2011).

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