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Betting Dork: Nick Bakay, NFL MegaPod Week 11 Preview

At one time, he was ESPN's singular acknowledgement of sports betting, and now Nick Bakay checks in with Host Gill Alexander inside a haven in which the NFL can't silence him.  Among other things, the writer/actor/funnyman has given us Kevin James' "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" and the voice of a talking cat on "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", but all the while the diehard Buffalo Bills fan's written word has appeared on, ESPN The Magazine, and, as his love of the NFL and point spreads has never waned.  Along with straight-from-Vegas Pregame Pros Marco D'Angelo and Vegas Runner, the quartet discuss the Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles at NY Giants, Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings, and more.  Key insights and angles for your NFL weekend, on Friday's Betting Dork (November 18, 2011). 

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