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Betting Dork: Michael Perry, Senior Manager, Oddsmaker, & NFL MegaPod Super Bowl Props Edition

Friend of the pod, Michael Perry, Senior Manager and Oddsmaker at, drops in on Host Gill Alexander for an open, honest, and revealing discussion regarding industry-related issues and matters specific to Super Bowl Props season.  Why did stop taking new U.S. customers 8 months ago?  What Super Bowl Prop is akin to a sucker bet?  How are MMA lines really set?  These questions and others are answered.  And in a Betting Dork podcast exclusive, a major breaking news announcement is made.  Plus, in our final roundtable of the NFL season, Pregame Pros Marco D'Angelo, Vegas Runner, and Bryan Leonard stop through before heading to the Tuesday Meeting to weigh in with their favorite props and thoughts on Super Bowl XLVI itself, between the NY Giants and New England Patriots.  It's all on Tuesday's news-making Betting Dork (January 31, 2012).

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Betting Dork: The Vegas Lifestyle Show: A Man's Guide to Sin City

An authority on betting market analysis, Pregame Pro Vegas Runner checks in with Host Gill Alexander to explain what's going on with Super Bowl betting line movement.  Then, Marc Meltzer of, part of the Conde Nast Digital Network, stops by to discuss the best Sportsbooks, places to play Blackjack, Steak Restaurants, Night Clubs, and Strip Clubs in Sin City.  It's a man's guide to las vegas, on Wednesday's betting Dork (January 25, 2012). 

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Betting Dork: NFL MegaPod Championship Round

It has been a 4 man show all season long, but it started with this trio: Pregame Pros Marco D'Angelo and Vegas Runner, and Host Gill Alexander.  As a tribute to that initial format, the three keep the circle tight and dissect the Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots (AFC) and the NY Giants at San Francisco 49ers (NFC) from every conceivable betting angle.  It's the last NFL MegaPod hurrah of the year before the super-sized Super Bowl Props edition.  Plus, VR gets into a UFC and ESPN-related Twitter war.  It's all on Friday's Betting Dork (January 20, 2012).

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Micah Roberts of Gaming Today,, and "Linemakers" on Discovery/Velocity returns to Host Gill Alexander's end-of-week NFL handicapping think tank, alongside Pregame Pros Marco D'Angelo and Vegas Runner.  The four discuss the New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos at New England Patriots, Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens, and NY Giants at Green Bay Packers from every angle imaginable, in a must-listen betting primer, on Thursday's Betting Dork (January 12, 2012). 

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Betting Dork: Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders, ESPN2's "Numbers Never* Lie" & NFL MegaPod Wild Card Round

This one is bursting at the seams.  First, Aaron Schatz, Creator and President of Football Outsiders ( and panelist on "Numbers Never* Lie" on ESPN2, joins Host Gill Alexander for his annual NFL Playoff pod visit.  From a discussion on All 22 footage to dissecting this weekend's upcoming NFL Playoff games, it's all about unearthing the discrepancy between public perception and the truth based on and advanced metrics perspective.  Then, it's our weekly MegaPod format, with Mike Wilkening, Senior Editor and Handicapping Writer for Pro Football Weekly, joining Gill and Pregame Pros Marco D'Angleo and Vegas Runner.  No stone goes unturned for NFL Wild Card weekend, on Fridays' Betting Dork (January 6, 2012).

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