Betting Dork with Gill Alexander
Gambling experts from discuss the biggest sports betting news each weekday, with an emphasis on advanced Sabermetric stats - plus big game analysis, free picks, and Las Vegas betting stories - hosted by Gill Alexander.
Betting Dork: MLB Derivative Stats Show

So many types of baseball wagers, so little time to analyze.  Host Gill Alexander and sabermetrics expert Basewinner break down the most and least profitable money line clubs in baseball (home/road splits), the best and worst run line clubs, the most reliable totals umpires, the best and worst first 5 inning and 1st inning teams (including runs produced and allowed), and the best and worst starters in the 1st inning, all designed to inform your future wagers, on Thursday's Betting Dork (May 30, 2013).

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Author of "Trading Bases, A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball* (*) Not necessarily in that order", Joe Peta checks in with Host Gill Alexander and isolates which MLB clubs have over- and underachieved to date, through the prism of cluster luck. What's really the truth about the torrid offensive starts by the Cardinals and Indians, are the Astros really this bad, and what's the key component necessary for beating the Tigers?  Other teams are discussed, as well.  Plus, what do some prominent folks in MLB front offices have to say about fantasy and betting on baseball?  The answers may surprise you, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (May 22, 2013). 

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Betting Dork: The Fantasy & Betting ATM with Paul Sporer, Baseball Prospectus & 138th Preakness Stakes

Paul Sporer of Baseball Prospectus may be a fantasy guy, but his fantasy insights convert oh so nicely to solid betting advice, as well.  Listen in as he and Host Gill Alexander engage in one of their epic metrics-focused conversations, highlighting the starting pitchers who have outperformed their component stats to date.  Then, Pregame pro Marco D'Angelo and Pro Football Talk's Mike Wilkening serve up their picks for the second leg of Horse Racing's Triple Crown, on Wednesday's Betting Dork (May 15, 2013).

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Betting Dork: 139th Kentucky Derby Preview and Picks

Horse Racing expert Marco D'Angelo (he who called the Derby win of 30-1 shot Animal Kingdom two years ago) and Pro Football Talk racing aficionado Mike Wilkening drop in on Host Gill Alexander for this annual extensive Kentucky Derby preview. The many tenets of horse racing handicapping are examined, including weighting the significance of the three different types of horses entered, post position, jockeys, recent performance, and trainers, while isolating the horses in this year's Run for the Roses that form the group on which bets will be made come the first Saturday in May.  Plus, analytics on the Triple Crown that might change your opinion on the likelihood of history being made this year, on Thursday's Betting Dork (May 2, 2013).

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