Betting Dork with Gill Alexander
Gambling experts from discuss the biggest sports betting news each weekday, with an emphasis on advanced Sabermetric stats - plus big game analysis, free picks, and Las Vegas betting stories - hosted by Gill Alexander.
Betting Dork: The Blackjack Experience with Vegas Runner

It's a follow-up conversation to last year's popular blackjack pod from Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander.  This time, VR updates us on his organized team blackjack play, and then launches into specific useable information that anyone traveling to Vegas can apply at the tables, serving to reduce house edge, increase comps, and enhance overall experience, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (June 26, 2012).

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Betting Dork: Lee Phelps, Host, "The Punt", William Hill Football Podcast, on Euro 2012 & the 112th U.S. Open

This one is fun.  Skyping across the pond with Euro 2012 in full swing, Host Gill Alexander welcomes William Hill Football Podcast Host Lee Phelps to discuss an array of mutual curiosities, including why the British have such low expectations of England's prospects on the international football stage, and the many differences in the gambling cultures of England and the United States.  Plus, in a week dominated by both Euro 2012 and U.S. Open Golf, where might the betting value currently lie in both events?  Lee offers up his thoughts on both, including which nations might still be the most intriguing futures plays in the former, and which two European golfers ought to be on your radar on the latter.  Plus, Premier League value and boxing thoughts, as well, on Monday's international Betting Dork (June 11, 2012).

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Betting Dork: Pacquiao/Bradley & 144th Belmont Stakes

With a big time prize fight and horse race slated for the weekend, who says one can only bet on baseball and basketball this time of year?  First, Pregame Pro Vegas Runner drops in on Host Gill Alexander and, let's just say, the two don't tend to script things.  From Electric Daisy to Twitter pics to nail appointments for men, VR and Gill eventually get around to discussing the merits of betting on the Pacquiao/Bradley fight and where the value might lie within, as well as engaging in a free flow on interleague baseball and the NBA Playoffs.  Then, in their continuing series, Pregame Pro Marco D'Angelo and Pro Football Weekly's Mike Wilkening break down Saturday's Belmont Stakes with an eye toward whether or not I'll Have Another can pull of horse racing's 12th Triple Crown, on Thursday's Betting Dork (June 7, 2012).

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